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Experience. Insight. Innovation.

Are you running a business in Denmark or Scandinavia or are you planning to do so? Then you need local assistance to ensure the best conditions for your venture. With more than 30 years practical experience in Shipping, Logistics and other businesses I can help you become successful. Whether it is  a new strategy, development of the organization, a new sales drive, adjustment of processes, or any other task big or small, you need an expert with knowledge of the task as well as the  culture of the region.  I have a logical, hands on and open approach to the challenges with focus on execution and results.


Anders Larsen-Ross


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Hands on management
Diskuterer Numbers

Project Management

Great ideas often fail in the lack of focus and ressources. Innovation and improved efficiency is hard to pursue when daily tasks dominate the mind. It may be a sales drive, optimization of processes, IT-projects, supplier review and much more. Get a professional with the experience to drive the project and reach the goal.

business mand

Interim Management

​Change management, new buisness projects, organizational changes, turnaround and other ground breaking initiatives need special focus and drive which may not be available within your present team. A fresh approach from an outside capacity may be just what is needed for the success of the venture.

An interim contract provides the power and flexibility.

Moderne Container Terminal

Shipping and Logistics

Decades of working experience in international Shipping and logistics has given me expert knowledge particulary within Port Agency, Chartering, Liner Shipping, Stevedoring, Warehousing and Cruise Shipping . I offer to share my skills and knowledge on consultancy basis as well as I am able to provide actual solutions on the basis of my network of professionals.

Jernbanespor Natur


2017-now Senior Management Consultant, Interim CEO

2015-2016 Business Development Director Shipping Holding A/S

2011-2015 General Manager MAERSK BROKER

2008-2011 General Manager Franck & Tobiesen A/S

2001-2006 Managing Director SHIPPING.DK A/S

1987-2000 Business Manager Ohlsson & Linde Shipping A/S

Native Scandinavian. Fluent in English and German.

Proficient communicator, proficient IT user.

Strategist, organizer and executor.

Creative, analytical, process oriented, focused.

Open, friendly, helpful, demanding.

My word is my bond.

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Contact me

Give me a call to discuss your needs and how I can assist you.

Anders Larsen-Ross

Larsen Logic ApS

Stubbedamsvej 103

3000 Helsingør


+45 70 26 68 80

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